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I’m Divorced With Children, and I Want to Move Out of State. Can My Ex Stop Me?

Below we explore your options for moving with kids after a divorce. In Missouri, once a custody order is entered, a parent who wants to relocate with the minor children must provide written notice by certified mail (return receipt requested) at least sixty days in advance of the propo
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Consequences of Violating an Order of Protection

Always take Orders of Protection Seriously. There are two different types of Orders of Protection. One is a Petition for an Adult Abuse Order of Protection and the second is a Petition for Child Order of Protection. Sometimes, these types of cases are filed so often that people fail t
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Behind on Child Support Payments? You May Lose Your License.

5 Licenses You Could Lose for Failure to Pay Child Support   If a parent falls behind in child support obligations, Missouri law provides for multiple consequences.  It’s common knowledge that wages can be subject to a wage assignment or criminal charges can be filed. However, t
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Divorce Laws in Missouri

Divorce Laws in Missouri Missouri is generally considered to be a no-fault state, meaning a person in a divorce case does not need to allege or prove fault against the other person to get a Missouri divorce, or any other state considered to be no-fault. However, the issue of fault may
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Christine Miller Hendrix has practiced law in St. Charles County for more than 35 years and is currently located at O’Fallon Plaza in O’Fallon, MO. She has practiced in many areas of the law, but in recent years has primarily focused on the area of family law. She has been elected twi
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